Why is there such diverse content on Maximise Potential?

We are frequently asked why we have such a diverse range of interviews and content on the Maximise Potential website. Often, people initially don’t understand the objective of the project or even its purpose.

They like it, and are intrigued by it, but are not sure why.

Please allow me to explain the concept . . . .

It is our belief that the lives of most people can be broken down into three distinct areas: career, business and personal life.

In the past, it was broadly accepted that each was an individual segment and that the activity in one would not impact that of another.

However, our belief (and that of an increasing number of others) is that the three are intrinsically connected and are actually interdependent upon one another – and that your progress (or lack of) in one area has a direct impact on another.

For example, if you are stressed at work it often means that when you get home your mind is still distracted and as a result you do not spend quality time with your children or partner. Alternatively, an argument at home in the morning can frequently impact your initial mood at work.

Thus, the reason we created the Maximise Potential Podcast and Website is to provide avenues to learn, explore and develop each of these areas of your life, with the objective of enabling your career, business and life skills to work in greater harmony and complement one another.

This is why you’ll find content to help you maximise your career potential (Job interview advice, NLP coaching), business potential (business success stories, management best practice examples) and life potential (inspirational interviews, life-changing events, overcoming failure).

By sharing these FREE learning resources our aim is to provide you with the ability to implement improvements within each of the three areas of your life and as a result, maximise your true potential as an individual.

So, hopefully now you can relate this back to the Maximise Potential website and podcast with more clarity, relevance and meaning.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and feel free to leave comments below . . . .

About the Author

Hi, I'm Tom Burkinshaw, I co-produce the Maximise Your Potential Podcast and Website and my goal is to help as many people as possible be successful in life, careers and business, by offering free coaching and mentoring through a series of unique interviews from inspiring people who all display exceptional self-belief, mental toughness and desire to achieve. Thank you for taking the time to visit Maximise Your Potential!