Max#47: Vanessa Vallely – The Queen of the City

Vanessa Vallely is considered by the Financial News as one of the most 100 Influential Women in Finance, by Brummels as one of the 30 Top Women in The City and was crowned as the Champion for Women at the 2011 Banking and Finance Awards.

In addition to her flourishing corporate career, Vanessa is an entrepreneur, mentor and charity champion.

Vanessa is known to some as the Queen of the City and to others as The City’s most connected Womanâ yet to everyone she is known as someone with energy, flair and above all passion.

Key messages from Vanessa:

Personally, this is one interview that I’ve gone back to listened to about three times to give me the opportunity to absorb the volume of information that Vanessa shares with us.

One of my favourite parts is right at the start when Vanessa says how she could see the Tallest City Buildings from her bedroom window and that one day she was going to work there. That is clearly a very powerful memory for her, even now all these years later.

From a personality perspective Vanessa is another person who refers to the importance of passion, enthusiasm and determination – coupling this with the importance of keeping a mind that is constantly open and seeking out new ideas.

Planning, asking questions, investing in yourself – the advice just kept coming and coming.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Just give me a chance – just give me an opportunity
  • Impossible is nothing
  • You can achieve anything you want if you truly put your mind to it
  • Don’t conform and don’t be scared to be different
  • Being innovative and creative around what you can and can’t do
  • A life without passion is a dull one indeed
  • Hard work and determination – I definitely think that’s the key

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