Max#25: Tim Whitworth, Finance Director – Morgan Cars

Morgan Motor Company is Britain’s sole surviving car manufacturer, yet far from just surviving, the car company is currently experiencing one of its most successful ever commercial periods and is being increasingly seen as one of Britain’s global success stories.

Following on from our interview with Head Designer, Matt Humphries, featured on episode 21 and Director of Operations, Steve Morris (episode 23), we now have the pleasure of releasing our interview with the Finance Director for Morgan, Tim Whitworth.

Tim Whitworth, Finance Director of Morgan, has the unenviable task of making the numbers balance within this last remaining marquee of British Motoring history.

Yet Tim views this responsibility as one of the best challenges he could ever be faced with, due to his clear passion and genuine attachment to the brand.

He considers himself to be an unconventional Finance Director, who takes as much interest in the human aspects of the company as the numbers, citing Morgan’s collaborative working culture as key to so much of the company’s success.

This is a great opportunity to go behind the scenes of Morgan and also the man responsible for it’s finances, in this very informative and candid interview.

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