Max#50: Steve Wernick – how cancer changed my life

Sharing the stories of those who have faced adversity in their lives has been a key undertone since we launched this Podcast.

In relation to this, one topic that continues to affect more people directly as well as indirectly is cancer.

Macmillan Cancer Support states that a decade ago about a third of people, developed cancer at some point in their lives. The charity’s latest research shows that figure has risen to more than 40%.

In today’s interview we meet Steve Wernick, who shares his story of facing and beating cancer, whilst going onto explain how living through this chapter of his life changed how he approached and prioritised his family, his career, his decision-making and himself….

Key messages from Steve:

I took an incredible array of notes and messages from Steve’s interview, and I’ve attempted to share some of them with you here:

What Steve said about how most of us worry about things that have not happened and will probably not happen and as a result create completely avoidable stress by playing out scenarios in our mind time and time again.

The biggest change for Steve was to stop procrastinating – how he described how easy it is to make plans and NOT follow them through, because there’s always tomorrow – but, as Steve has realised, what if there isn’t a tomorrow?

Then the advice that Steve left us with at the end of his interview:

Just get out and do things – and don’t worry if they don’t turn out the way you expected – finishing is not the most important bit – giving it a go is!

And finally:

Don’t be afraid of failure – you’re not going to succeed all the time – but if you don’t try something in the first place, you’ll never succeed.


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