Sally Hogshead – you have 9 seconds to ‘Fascinate’ – learn how to use them!

Have you ever wondered why certain people are instantly memorable, why particular tweets go viral or why demand for certain products goes crazy?

I do, all the time – I’m constantly trying to understand why certain things (or people) become hugely popular, and why other stories, messages and individuals can appear to slip by almost completely un-noticed.

According to Sally Hogshead, this all hinges around 7 emotional triggers (that we all have) and how certain individuals (or brands) utilise these triggers in order to fascinate us.

If you are looking for ways to raise your personal or business profile to help you to stand out from the crowd, then here is Sally to explain how “we all have the ability to fascinate within us”….

Further information and reading:

This ‘fascinating’ (sorry!) video from Sally Hogshead was recorded at an Atlanta TEDx event in 2011.

If you have a moment, check out Sally’s Website or even take the ‘7 Triggers Fascination Test.’


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