Pen Hadow – Record-breaking Polar Explorer

For those who have not heard of Pen Hadow, he became the first man in the world to walk unsupported and without re-supply to the North Pole in 2003 – a feat, which many have tried to emulate since and all have failed.

To this day, it is his name alone that is in the record books for completing this incredible journey; a journey compared to ‘climbing Everest without oxygen’ due to the (almost) impossible nature of the challenge.

Pen’s relationship with Jenrick stemmed from when he was a guest speaker at The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For awards in 2008. Jenrick were so touched by his motivational story that they became sponsors of the Catlin Arctic Survey a year later when Pen and his team travelled to the Arctic to explore the impact of climate change upon the sea ice.

When Jenrick launched the Maximise Potential website in 2010, Pen was a natural figurehead for the site and has become a core part of the imagery for the website and associated podcast.

Even more pleasing was the fact that Pen became one of the first people featured on the podcast, recording an exclusive series of interviews which touched upon his life achievements and the wealth of lessons he has learned thoughout the journey.

You can learn more about Pen at his website ( and we would urge you to read his captivating book, SOLO.

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