My Marathon by Michael Martindale

Hi Everyone,

I’ve run my first marathon in April with a time of 4 hours 23 minutes. The ‘Maximise Your Potential’ Podcasts were fantastic for me in the build-up and I’d like to share how they’ve helped me and hopefully show how they could help you…

I first discovered the Podcasts through a friend at work. He’d recommended the Podcast with Matthew Syed, the author of Bounce. I had read the book Bounce so didn’t take much persuading to download it. After the first Podcast I was a bit hooked, maybe downloading 15 at a time and getting the headphones straight in.

My Marathon

I had only just registered for the marathon when I discovered the Podcasts and at that time I couldn’t have predicted how helpful they would be on my journey.

I had booked myself in for a half-marathon, as like so many others I thought that there was no way I could run a full marathon.

My training started maybe a month or two after my first podcast so around December time.

I remember listening to the interview with Richard Hume where he talks about his triple iron man. In this Podcast it really opened my eyes to the limits we can push ourselves to. The part where he describes laying down in the tent closing his eyes and being woken up an hour later baffled, as he believed he’d only just closed them.

Another really inspiring Podcast for me was with Sam Brown; to take up taekwondo at the age of 40 and to become a world champion showed there is no timeline on when you choose to be great.

What would happen if I chose to be great now?

It wasn’t until February when the Podcasts had an effect on my life in a purposeful way.

I received my running pack in the post around this time and it said “Congratulations on booking your place in the Brighton Marathon”.

Shouldn’t it say ‘half’ in front of marathon, I thought?

I remember freezing and having that heart sinking feeling. After a brief telephone conversation with a race organiser it was confirmed, I had booked into a full marathon 26.2 miles.

The first reaction was to see how I could now cancel it. I mean, I’d only ran 8 miles at best and I only had 2 months left.

After 10 minutes of frantic pacing and my heart rate returning to normal, I thought of what was possible.

I had run 8 miles already, I believed I could of run 13 at the time. If I add 2 miles a week I’ll be on 22 miles by the time of the run.

I thought of Richard Hume, Sam Brown, Matthew Syed and was inspired to think ‘what the hell, what’s the worst that can happen?’

I told myself all I needed to do was cross the line.

With two months training and healthy eating I was able to achieve a 4:23 finish on my first attempt, Something my mum and dad are very proud of which for me made it all worth while.

However, I know I could do much better, I think Richard Hume is a prime example of that (in his ‘Rowing the Atlantic’ interview, which is another great podcast).

I have now booked into the marathon again this year and I’m planning on running a 3 hours 30 minutes.

Recently I ran my first half marathon with a time of 1:41, which was something different and great to be a part of. Better late than never I suppose.

I really can’t see where the road stops for me and each challenge only becomes more enjoyable and purposeful.

I hope these words give you something positive and will help you to ‘Maximise your own Potential’ in however you see fit.

Good Luck!

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