Max#20: Maximising your Workforce Planning – Kos Lesses, Internal Recruitment Project Manager

Finding and then encouraging the best individuals to join your company is widely regarded as the key determinant for business success or failure.

Kos Lesses, is a project manager with an extremely strong record of implementing ‘Talent Management’ and ‘Workforce Planning’ programmes within a string of major City organisations, such as JP Morgan. He is regularly engaged by companies to take on ‘High Profile, Business Critical Talent Acquisition Projects.’ He has done this time and time again within tight deadlines or for very high volumes of recruitment. He is known for his end-to-end project management skills and ability to deliver.

In today’s interview Kos shares much of his approach to maximising the recruitment process within a company, giving anyone who is involved within the hiring of staff and excellent insight into the strategy he employs.

For those of you who are directly involved within recruitment you’ll be pleased to know that we have an extended version of this interview available which includes a detailed case study of an actual high volume recruitment programme which Kos created and implemented.

If you would like to receive a copy, please just send an email to Please ensure you include some personal details so that we know who to send it to. You’ll also find this email address on the webpage for this episode, so just go episode 20 on the Maximise Potential website.

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