Matthew Syed’s Book BOUNCE is really creating a stir!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Matthew Syed, author of the insightful book, BOUNCE, a short time ago for the Maximise Potential Podcast.

I have to say that I had no idea at the time that his book would go on to create such a stir.

I’ve heard and seen Matthew appearing more and more on programmes such as the 5 Live Breakfast Show and Radio 4 breakfast news, where he relates aspects of his book against current sports and educational topics.

I’ve also been informed that the Hampshire FA (and other similar organisations) have given a copy of the book to all of their coaches to help them understand child pyscology and motivational theories in greater depth.

In fact, our own company and other companies I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with, are using the Matthew’s interview with Maximise Potential as an internal training tool to help enhance the performance of their companies and staff.

Since conducting the interview I’ve personally been involved in several online discussions and debates, regarding the perspectives that Matthew communicates within the book. What constantly surprises me are the numbers of people that WANT to believe that talent is the key; that THEY do not possess the power to re-create success or to become a leader within their chosen field.

Why would you not want to take on board Matthew’s philosophies that YOU do have so much more control over the direction your life takes and that your ability to MAXIMISE YOUR POTENTIAL is down to YOU – not down to your genes or your life before the age of 10.

Surely this would lead to a more positive and upbeat attitude, and thus a greater enjoyment of life. I fail to see the downside.

All in all, Matthew Syed and his excellent research is gaining greater popularity on a daily basis.

For those of you still uncovinced by the snippits of Matthew’s arguments that you may heave heard via the news, please click on the links below to gain a far more comprehensive understanding:

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