Matthew Syed WINS at the Best British Sports Books 2011

We are very pleased to announce that Matthew Syed, author of BOUNCE, who was our guest on episode 26 of the Maximise Potential Podcast, has just WON the Best New Writer category within the British Sports Book Awards 2011.


The British Sports Book Awards are a highlight of the sports publishing year honouring the best new sports biographies, autobiographies and books about football, rugby, cricket and racing.

As I’m sure followers of the blog already know, BOUNCE provides a wonderful insight into the true formula for success (whether this is in sport or life in general), taking a firm stance that ‘talent’ does not play a part in such success.

It is an amazing read!

Other nominees in the Best New Writer category include Mike Perham, for his book Sailing the Dream, and Steve Bunce, for his book The Fixer, a novel about boxing.

This year’s British Sports Book Awards Dinner will take place on Monday 9 May at the Savoy Hotel.

On behalf of everyone at Maximise Potential – best of luck Matthew!

This reveals a radical new approach to the way we engage with children – that we should praise effort, never talent; that we should teach kids to see challenges as learning opportunities rather than threats; and that we should emphasise how abilities can be transformed.

Experiments from around the world have shown that when parents and teachers adopt this approach, and stick to it, the results are remarkable.

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