Max#39: Marc Koska – inventor of the K1 auto-disable syringe

At one time or another we have all been inspired by an article or television programme, which prompted us to say “I have to do something about that.”

Yet, no matter how sincere we are with this statement, in the cold light of day and with our daily responsibilities firmly back in the forefront of our mind, our intentions to serve the greater good often take a back seat.

However, in today’s Maximise Potential interview we have an individual who did not allow ‘the noise’ of daily life to dampen his desire to act upon an article he read, and has, since 1984 devoted his entire adult life to solving a problem of Global significance.

Without funding, training or experience Marc Koska set himself the target of iradicating the spread of disease and death through unsafe injections, which accounts for more global deaths each year than Maleria.

Here is Marc to share the high’s and low’s of his incredible journey whilst giving us a wonderful insight into his approach to life in general.

Key messages from Marc:

  • The actions of one person can truly make a difference
  • Give yourself time to step out of the stream and look at the situation you face from a different perspective
  • Truly understand the gap (or problem) – do not rush this stage
  • See things through to the end – do not turn back before you have completed what you have started
  • Don’t become frustrated if projects take you longer than anticipated to achieve, simply view that period as an ‘Apprenticeship’

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