Max#46: Lucy Morris – living with Marfan Sydrome

As regular listeners of the podcast are well aware, our aim is to constantly seek out diverse interviews and stories that will give us all a different perspective on life and just before Christmas I was introduced to an incredible young lady called Lucy Morris.

12 year old Lucy has not broken any records, scaled any mountains, launched a successful business, or written a best-selling book.

Lucy’s story is completely different to any of these, yet equally compelling.

Anyone who meets Lucy will immediately see a girl who likes to ride horses, swim, go to school (mostly) and enjoy the kind of life that any other 12 year old would have with their friends and family.

Yet, scratch beneath the surface and you quickly discover that Lucy has spent her entire life in and out of hospital, for operation after operation, the most recent of which was to stabilise a potentially life-threatening heart condition.

However what took me aback was just how Lucy takes all of this in her stride and this is why I felt it was imperative that we shared her story on the podcast.

So please sit back and enjoy meeting Lucy Morris and her mother Alison, as they share a small snapshot of their life with us on the Maximise Potential Podcast.

Key messages from Lucy and Alison:

As with all of our Podcasts, we are here to share the story of an individual who shows incredible courage and resolve – I believe that Lucy (and her entire family) are wonderful examples of this.

Lucy’s philosophy of maintaining as normal lifestyle as possible and to just have a go at things, because she doesn’t know if she can do something unless she tries, is a perfect example to us all of how not to allow things in our life to limit what we do.

I also applaud Alison’s approach not to be passive in any situation that affects you and your family and by taking the lead in their situation, it has completely altered the direction of events – and for the better.

Learn more about Marfan Syndrome through Driven at Heart:

A key reason why we were so touched by Lucy’s story is that we’ve subsequently discovered that there are an additional 9,000 people in the UK who are currently unaware that they have Marfan Syndrome, and if left untreated it can lead to serious heart conditions which can be fatal.

I’m going to direct you all to a website where you can learn more about Marfan Syndrome and see an incredible charity challenge that’s taking place this year to help raise awareness and funds for this condition.

Just go to for more information.

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