INSPIRING PEOPLE: Paraplegic James Wood to Swim Channel

I’ve been hearing about this guy a lot in the news recently and wanted to share the story with everyone. What an inspiration he is. We at Maximise Potential wish James the very best of luck in his incredible challenge today.

Here’s the article I read from the Spinal Injuries Association website:

On Wednesday the 22nd September James Wood will be setting off for his Channel Swim attempt, the date has now been confirmed and he will be setting off at 7.30am in the morning. This means that James will be swimming into darkness at the other end but with 10mph southerly winds and an air temperature of 21.

James Wood – Vice Chair, SIA, himself paraplegic, was featured on the new ITV morning show Daybreak on Wednesday 15th September, about his forthcoming channel swim in September. Christine Bleakley, who co-presents the show with Adrian Chiles, also crossed the English Channel in 2009 by water skiing. James will shortly be joining the 100 or so people who swim the Channel each year – none of whom are spinal cord injured or will have the physical impairments that he has. James became paraplegic at the age 19 following a road traffic accident in 1990.

Greg Whyte, Olympic Sport Scientist and Celebrity Trainer and Adviser, is currently training James in preparation for his Channel Swim attempt and also trained Christine when she water skied across the channel.

James’ intensive training programme has currently consisted of swimming at Hillingdon Lido, open air pool with temperatures of 16/17 degrees, Box End Lake in Bedford and Esporta in Northampton. James also undertook a 6 hour swim in the sea off Budleigh, Salteron.

James will be swimming the Channel between the 16th and 22nd September. He will be given 24 hours notice of when he will be setting off for his amazing challenge.

Good luck James!


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