INSPIRING PEOPLE: Andrew Flintoff – England and Lancashire Cricketer (retired)

Andrew Flintoff retired from all forms of cricket today.

He was undoubtedly one of the greatest entertainers to have graced the game, but the question I would ask is did he truly maximise his potential?

The debate will continue long after his exploits have ceased to be back page, or even front page for that matter, news.

The pundits, ex-professionals and press in general (and you could argue, even myself), all wish to to ask the eternal question of ‘what if . . . ‘

What if he had not relied so much on his natural talents as a youngster, ignoring his physical fitness and living a lifestyle not complementary to that of a professional sportsman. What if.

It is the very same question that we have all asked of other great talents such as Gazza, George Best and more.

Their blessing has, in so many cases, contributed to their premature downfall. All at a time when they were just reaching the dizzy heights that truly reflected their genius.

What if . . .

However, what will remain in the history books forever is the Ashes of 2005, or should I say ‘Flintoff’s Ashes.’

His performances captivated not just those in the cricket world, but EVERYONE. He inspired kids (and even adults) to pick up a cricket ball for the first time in their lives. He re-defined the game and created a new audience. He injected life into a game many said was ‘boring.’

Freddie, you may well have not maximised your own career, but you definitely maximised the potential of any cricket game that you were ever part of.

I was fortunate enough to watch you play on numerous occasions throughout your career and I would like to thank you for each and everyone of those opportunities.

The link below will take you to some highlights of Freddie’s career – it would have been difficult to have edited this bunch!

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