Grasp the moment – as you never know who’s taking notice

I was asked to be a judge in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ event at Kingston University last month.

I went into the event with high expectations; final year undergraduate business degree students, pitching their ideas to a panel of experienced business people, plus knowing that that was a key proportion of their final year grading.

Surely they would all put on their ‘game-face’ and ‘Grasp The Moment.’

Unfortunately not.

The details of where they went wrong are not important, however the concept of what they failed to grasp is….

They missed the concept that you never know who’s paying attention to you, who is watching you and (importantly) what doors could this open.

It made me think back to a passage I read in Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’ (If it was Daniel Coyle’s book – sorry Dan!)) where he discusses the hugely successful British band, The Police.

They were touring the USA in the hope of breaking into this much larger and lucrative market. They were playing any gig they could, sometimes to almost empty bars and clubs. Yet, every night they gave their best – as if they were playing to their favourite crowd back in England.

On one such night, two successful record-producers happened to come across the bar by complete chance and come in for a drink. We all know what happens next.

Instead of the students thinking of this as ‘here we go, another assignment I have to do’ they could have viewed it as an unique opportunity to develop an actual real business plan, that they could have played with, experiented with and explored.

Then if they pitched their idea with passion, knowledge and vision, they could have received the actual funding to make it a REAL business – THEIR business (there were actual investors within the panelists).

But they didn’t.

So, remember that every action you take (or choose not to take), will become a direct reflection of how you are perceived by others.

The lesson is simple; put your best effort into everything you do. You never know who is following you on Twitter, listens to your Podcasts, stumbles upon your Linked IN profile or reads your blog.

Your career and business success is fundamentally built around the strength of your network.

The more people you can welcome into your network through building trust and credibility, the more opportunities will come your way.

Thank you (whoever you are and wherever you may be) for taking the time to read my article!

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