Good luck John Bishop – but I wish the Media would raise awareness for others

So, I’m listening to the news today and here that John Bishop is running, cycling and kayaking from Paris to London (290 miles in 5 days), all for charity.

I think this is superb, yet you know there is a ‘but’ coming, right?

The ‘but’ element is the fact that you have amazing individuals like Andy North (2,000 miles in 6 weeks – cycling, running and kayaking), Andy McMenemy (66 ultra marathons in 66 days), Simon Bucken (100 marathons in 100 weeks), Chris Brisley (Ran, swam, biked over 6,500miles in 3 years) and many more.

These are people who are also raising substantial amounts of money for charities all over the UK and beyond and are showing (through example) how you can overcome personal challenges and push your body far beyond any normal limits.

John Bishop Sport Relief 2012

Equally, they have to manage all of their training and events in conjunction with their regular lives; working commitments and family. When they need a support team, they have to beg and borrow to create one. In my mind, their ability to manage all these elements in addition to the accomplishing the actual event, is what makes them even more inspirational.

Yet, there is one huge reason why these countless (and mostly nameless) individuals do not receive the attention and support that John Bishop (and many others like him) has gained – they are not celebrities.

As a result of their lack of fame, they are of no interest to the mass media and in actual fact struggle to even gain the interest in the regional media, so that their amazing feats often go un-noticed and their fund-raising, although important, does not ever reach the dizzy heights that truly reflect the magnitude of their efforts.

I sincerely wish John all the best with his feat as it will undoubtedly challenge him in a way he has never pushed himself before and also raise invaluable awareness for the charities he is representing.

However, my plea is to the media to take interest in the other press releases you receive which are a worthy equal to that of Mr. Bishop . . .

“Just because you do not know the name of the sender, is does not mean their message is any less worthy. . . . mine included.”

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