Maximise Potential – nominated for ‘European Podcast of the Year’

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We have some amazing news to share – the Maximise Potential Podcast has been nominated for the European Podcast of the Year, in the business category.

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The Podcast, contains a series of exclusive interviews from inspiring people, who all display exceptional self-belief, mental toughness and desire to achieve.

The objective of the interviews is to inspire and educate others by sharing successful management styles, mental skill development, NLP, learning techniques and self-motivation methods – everything people need to become successful in their own life, career and business.

What type of people have featured on the podcast so far:

  • Sporting Achievements – Greg Searle (Olympic Gold Medalist Rower), David Weir (Champion Wheelchair Racer), Matthew Syed (Commonwealth Champion / Best-selling Author), Dean Macey (Commonwealth Champion Decathlete) & Sam Brown (World Taekwondo Champion)
  • Extreme Achievements – Pen Hadow (record-breaking explorer) & Bonita Norris (British Everest Record Holder)
  • Business Successes – Nick English (Bremont Watches), Steve Davies (Global Management Consultant), Steve Morris (Morgan Cars) & Abi Cockcroft (Startup Success Story)
  • Life & Career Successes – Elliott Cole (Aspiring Triathlete), Tony Dobbyn (Global CTO), Neil McCarthy (SEO Expert), Giles Christopher (National Award Winning Photographer), Jora Gill (Leading Agile Speaker and Global Head of Technology), Kay White (Best selling Author), Fiona Campbell (Leading NLP Coach) & Kos Lesses (Workforce Planning Expert)

How to do I listen and learn more:

Thank you for your on-going support and we’ll keep you posted with the Awards – fingers crossed!!

About the Author

Hi, I'm Tom Burkinshaw, I co-produce the Maximise Your Potential Podcast and Website and my goal is to help as many people as possible be successful in life, careers and business, by offering free coaching and mentoring through a series of unique interviews from inspiring people who all display exceptional self-belief, mental toughness and desire to achieve. Thank you for taking the time to visit Maximise Your Potential!