Elliott Cole Update: Running, coughing and puffing to 3rd Fastest Run Split

Well it’s definitely been a difficult few weeks. Struck down at the beginning of last week with a nasty virus for a day which left me in bed with cold sweats one minute and then boiling hot the next; that then turned into a cold which I had for a week which then turned into a chest infection… lovely!

As you can imagine then, training has been on a ‘see how I feel’ basis for the last couple of weeks but I’m just starting to get back to some kind of normality now and training has resumed as normal with some early starts and late finishes.

Not being able to train wore thin after about 2 days whilst being ill so much to the annoyance of my other half I decided to enter a relay event for Hillingdon Triathlete’s with a colleague of mine on Sunday 16th May to try and kick start the training again and stop myself going crazy through being inactive.

The race format was a 550m swim, 6km run and 25km bike of which I took on the 6km run.

I wasn’t expecting a lot from the run as my chest infection was in the nice gravely stage so I thought I’d use the race as a bit of a training session more than anything.

We came out of the water in 17th position with a swim time of 00:09:48 and a gap of just over 2 minutes to the leaders. I headed out onto the run and got into a rhythm straight away which was great, I was only running at about 85% though as my chest infection was still bad and I wanted to finish the route and let my team mate get out onto the bike at least.

After the first 3km I wasn’t feeling too bad, I was coughing a lot but my pace was good so I kicked on and picked up the pace to about 3 minute 20 second per km, eventually finishing the 6km course in the 3rd fastest time of 00:23:32, just 27 seconds slower than the overall winner of the event Matt Molloy and making up 10 places in the process.

My teammate then headed out onto the 25km bike course in 7th position and after losing his chain twice, finished the course with the 21st quickest time of 00:44:54 placing us 13th overall out of the 64 competitors.

Not a bad result given the circumstances and I’m pleased with my run pace given my week off.

Next Race – 22nd May 2010

For a full results breakdown, visit the Hillingdon Triathlete’s results page at


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