Dai Greene – is this the expression of someone maximising their potential?

I just watched the replay of Dia Greene storming the victory in the IAAF Athletic World Championships, capturing Great Britain’s first Gold Medal of the Championships on his way to becoming the Men’s 400 metre hurdle champion.

Dia was probably the least known of all of GB’s medal hopefuls; yet, he turned in a performance, which has now elevated him to a special place in history.

I’ve followed athletics all my life, and have had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing some of our athletic greats, such as Dean Macey and David Weir, however, what blew me away with Dia’s performance was the strength of his finish.

On the final bend he was lying in 5th place, and even with 60 meters to go, he was third or forth. However, off the final hurdle he hit the accelerator and produced the most powerful finish I’ve ever witnessed, and in the process completely changing the colour of his medal.


I was reading up on Dia and found some wonderful extracts from Tom Fordyce’s Blog on BBC Sport, which I wanted to share with you.

In my mind, the extracts and statements below, confirm exactly why Dai was able to put in that Gold Medal performance, just when it was required, and why he is someone clearly dedicated to doing everything possible to maximise his potential:

Etched on the glass windows at the Bath University track where Greene trains is a three-line quotation: “Winning means you are willing to go longer, work harder and give more than anyone else.”

“We’re not gimmicky down here,” Greene told Fordyce, “A lot of our confidence comes from knowing that we put the hard work in.

“In my discipline, it’s the person who puts that hard work in who wins. All these months on this cold, wet hill in Bath pay off in the big championships.”

You are all well aware that Maximise Potential dedicates itself to bringing you real life success stories that confirm that reaching the pinnacle of your career or field of expertise and interest, is down to hard work, perseverance and strength of mind.

In Dai’s statements, he makes no reference to being ‘naturally-talented’ or having a ‘gift’ for running or even ‘inheriting my strengths from my parents.’

Not one bit – for Dai (and everyone else I interviewed for the Maximise Potential Podcast), it is about putting in the hours and hours of hard work and effort.

So, if you want to be the Dai Greene of your field, go find your own cold, wet hill and start climbing it again, again and again.

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