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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), is fast becoming an effective method to fight stress and tensions at workplaces says, Naturopath Doris Greenwood

With increasing levels of stress and work related health disorders becoming an accepted norm of the recent times, doctors and consultants across the globe are fast veering towards alternate methods of helping employees working at multi-national firms to overcome these problems.

One of the more effective methods that has been found useful in the case of helping people cope up with their stress pressures, is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Speaking about the same Doris Greenwood, a naturopath from Germany who is conducted an effective communication workshop in the city on March 2 says:

“The whole concept behind NLP and workshops like these are to help people deal with their personal and work place stresses better.

People who are under high stress are usually affected by heart or blood pressure, related illnesses and also suffer from reduced productivity. Here is where effective communication workshops come in to play to help them overcome these problems.”

Greenwood also feels that the first step that organisations can do to ensure that employees are free of stress related ailments is that they should install in house fitness centres, and cafeterias that serve organic and healthy food so that the employees are not found lacking in their energy levels, as it will eventually boost their performance at work.

“A couple of important things that go a long way in improving working conditions is respecting people and having an open and clear dialogue so that efficiency is improved. Practicing language patterns that will help prevent conflicts and suggest viable solutions at work.”

Talking about the workshop, Greenwood says that it will mainly focus at enabling employees working with various city based MNC’s to improve their techniques of saving time as well as money and also improving on working towards effective interaction between colleagues.

The whole concept of NLP is to help find long-term results for problems that are faced by working executives so that they can enhance their productivity at work,” she says.

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