Max#54: Clara Mosha – from high blood pressure risk to champion body builder

After a bit of a break, we are pleased to be back with episode 54 of the Maximise Potential Podcast.

In today’s interview, I’m very proud to introduce a truly inspirational individual who embarked on a journey of self-discovery and, in her own words, a journey that enabled her to feel as if she had completely started her life over again.

I’m not going to give away the details of Clara Mosha’s story, but in my opinion it embodies so many of the personal and character traits, such as persistence, adaptability and a commitment to life-long learning, that we have witnessed with such regularity in the people who have shared their stories on this podcast.

This episode is a little longer than most, so please get comfortable, grab a tea or coffee, and enjoy another episode of the Maximise Potential Podcast.


Key messages from Clara:

Every time I listen to this interview with Clara, I can’t help but get caught up with her energy and enthusiasm.

I think Clara’s desire to learn and by doing so, take control of her situation, came through time and time again on this interview, as did the importance of goal-setting and ‘just going for it.’

There were so many inspirational quotes that I took from Clara’s interview, that I’ve listed them on the shownotes for this episode, so please come and visit the website to read them.

Also, I have added links to Clara’s website, Facebook page and Twitter account on the shownotes, so please go and connect with her as I know she’ll welcome your feedback on her story.

Clara Mosha Quotes:

  • Don’t expect changes to happen overnight – it takes time
  • I took control of the situation I faced, researched my options and imimplemented changes
  • I didn’t give up – I was persistent
  • I regularly challenged myself, increasing the challenges each time
  • Other people saw something in me that I didn’t see – I’m glad I listened to what they said
  • I possessed a constant desire to learn and improve
  • I wanted to be as good as my coach, so I mirrored how they spoke and acted
  • I didn’t question it – I just did it – I didn’t overthink it
  • As things unfolded I just dealt with them
  • I had a goal and I made that goal public
  • I applied lessons from one part of my life to another
  • The HOW is not important – that bit will come if you have a goal
  • Courage, persistence, goal-setting and just going for it!
  • Mental attitude is much more important that age in achieving what you want in life
  • This journey and my achievements have shown me that it’s all in my mind – I can achieve what I want in my life if I can see it in my mind

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