Max#52: ‘Giving your mind choices and flexibility’ by Vicky Ross (part 2 of 2)

Welcome back to episode 52 of the Maximise Potential Podcast and the 2nd installment of our interview with leading NLP Trainer, Vicky Ross.

Part 1 of this series focussed on introducing John La Valle’s concept of ‘Good and Bad Brain Juice’ and in part 2 Vicky shall now go on to explain how we can alter our brain juice in order to give us more choices in how we respond to particular situations or circumstances, with the ultimate goal of enabling us to achieve a more positive array of outcomes from those situations.

Without any further delay, here is Vicky to complete her two part podcast series on Good and Bad Juice.

Key messages from Vicky:

I have to admit that there were several light-bulb moments for me when I was recording this podcast with Vicky, especially when Vicky explained that if we only give our brain one way of dealing situation, then that’s how our bodies will respond.

Yet, all we have to do is provide it with more options, or choices, and it will choose the path that is most likely to achieve the outcome we desire.

I fully appreciate that these techniques take practice, however, just being aware of this concept is such a valuable starting point to give us all a greater sense of control over our thoughts and resulting behaviour.

If you’d like to learn more from Vicky, she has very kindly left all our listeners with an exclusive download, which is based on a presentation that she regularly gives to corporations and other professional groups. If you come to the shownotes and click on the link which is titled ‘Vicky Ross exclusive download’ it will give you access to Vicky’s CD, that is called ‘Re-invent Yourself.’

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