Children vote Derek Redmond as Ultimate Olympian

I’ve just come across this motivating article on British Olympian, Derek Redmond, which ties in very nicely with the inspiring video about him already featured on the Maximise Potential website.

School children nationwide have voted Derek Redmond as the Ultimate Olympian.

Primary and secondary schools across the nation, including West Sussex and Derby, experienced a vast array of sports for this year’s National Sports Week.

The West Sussex West School Sport Partnership hosted a sensational event promoting both National School Sports Week and next year’s Olympics and Paralympics games. Many schools celebrated with their own sports day.

Schools were merged and students divided into groups to represent the competing countries of the Olympics.

Each group was sent to 5 different posts to take part in a variety of sports such as golf, hurdling, Judo, and Volleyball. The final post asked the children to each vote for their “Ultimate Olympian”. Derek Redmond came out on top as the children decided that his courage, determination, drive for excellence and inspirational story made him a role model and an icon of the Olympic values.

As London 2012 draws closer, the Olympics will continue to be used to inspire young people.

Bourne Community College Year 7 student Samuel Hoolihan said:

“I loved the hurdles, but enjoyed throwing my friend around in judo more!”

Phil Fowler, assistant director of learning for PE at Bourne, said:

“What a positive day! It was so great to see so many talented students get such a memorable experience of what the Olympics are all about.”


Article Source: Parliment

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