Andy North Sunshine Challenge 2011 – Route Planner

Andy North, featured in episode 31 of Maximise Potential, is taking on one of the most challenging endurance pursuits I’ve ever known is his quest to raise £50,000 for Forces Children’s Trust and ABF The Soldiers Charity.

Starting in August, Andy will be running a total of 25 marathons, cycling 1,300 miles and even kayaking 25 miles across the English Channel to achieve this amazing feat, with over 8hrs each day running in the mornings & cycling in the afternoons.

In total he will cover over 1,800 miles, from Catterick Garrison in Yorkshire to Gibraltar, within just 6 weeks.

Please see the map below showing Andy North’s Sunshine Challenge Daily Route Planner:

Sunshine Challenge Daily Route Planner
Date Overnight
Fri 19-Aug-11 Catterick Day
Fri 19-Aug-11 Thorpe Park 1
Sat 20-Aug-11 Cuckney, Mansfield 2
Sun 21-Aug-11 Melton Mowbray 3
Mon 22-Aug-11 Bedford 4
Tue 23-Aug-11 Stanstead Airport 5
Wed 24-Aug-11 London 6
Thu 25-Aug-11 London PR kayak Day 7
Fri 26-Aug-11 Aylesford 8
Sat 27-Aug-11 Dover 9
Sun 28-Aug-11 Rest Day 10
Mon 29-Aug-11 Dover to Calais 11
Tue 30-Aug-11 Contingency Day 1 12
Wed 31-Aug-11 Contingency Day 2 13
Thu 01-Sep-11 Froyelles 14
Fri 02-Sep-11 Gournay-en-Bray 15
Sat 03-Sep-11 La Harbouilliere 16
Sun 04-Sep-11 St Jean-des-Echelles 17
Mon 05-Sep-11 Rille 18
Tue 06-Sep-11 Lageon 19
Wed 07-Sep-11 Rest Day 20
Thu 08-Sep-11 Saint Fraigne 21
Fri 09-Sep-11 La Roche-Chalais 22
Sat 10-Sep-11 St Symphorien 23
Sun 11-Sep-11 Nogaro 24
Mon 12-Sep-11 Lourdes 25
Tue 13-Sep-11 Rest Day 26
Wed 14-Sep-11 El Portalet (Border) 27
Thu 15-Sep-11 N240/A1601 28
Fri 16-Sep-11 Nr Tudela 29
Sat 17-Sep-11 Soria 30
Sun 18-Sep-11 Zazuar 31
Mon 19-Sep-11 Duenas 32
Tue 20-Sep-11 Toro 33
Wed 21-Sep-11 Salamanca or Ledesma? 34
Thu 22-Sep-11 Rest Day 35
Fri 23-Sep-11 Vegas de Coria 36
Sat 24-Sep-11 Rio Tajo 37
Sun 25-Sep-11 Merida 38
Mon 26-Sep-11 Llerena 39
Tue 27-Sep-11 Cantillana 40
Wed 28-Sep-11 Rest Day 41
Thu 29-Sep-11 Coripe 42
Fri 30-Sep-11 Castellar de la Frontera 43
to GIBRALTAR (20 ml approx)

If you want to join Andy on any of the legs of his journey, just get in touch through his website: The Sunshine Challenge.

Also, did you know that we have just recorded an amazing interview with Andy? Come and listen to the Andy North Interview on Maximise Potential now.

Wishing you the very best of luck Andy!

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