Andy North COMPLETES the Sunshine Challenge 2011

Congratulations to Andy North (featured on episode 31 of Maximise Potential), Mike Senior and Dave Edwards who have successfully COMPLETED their amazing test of endurance, raising over £50,000 for two Armed Forces Charities.

Here is was some news footage of them as they reached Gibraltar:

Also, here is an article from the Yorkshire Post:

Three amateur athletes have run, cycled and kayaked 2,000 miles from Yorkshire to Gibraltar in a challenge which has seen them run the equivalent of a marathon every day for six weeks for charity,

Andy North, Dave Edwards and Mike Senior arrived at the British Forces Headquarters in Gibraltar on Friday after the Yorkshire team completed the equivalent of 25 marathons, covered over 1,700 miles of cycling and kayaked 26 miles.

The trio set off from Catterick Garrison on August 19, running a marathon each morning, followed by a daily cycle ride each afternoon.

And to top the achievement they even kayaked across the Thames and the Channel as part of the epic effort.

The men, from Leeds and Harrogate, were met by a police escort and members of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment after completing the feat, which was dubbed the Sunshine Challenge.

Their efforts have so far raised over £50,000 for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, as well as the Forces Children’s Trust, both causes dedicated to the support of those affected by the aftermath of war.

Mr North said:

“Neither Dave nor myself nor Mike are professional athletes but have always tried to maintain ourselves in super fit condition.

“Dave and I thought we had set ourselves a daunting challenge last year when we undertook 12 daily marathons but this was the biggest test ever. The most exhilarating part without a doubt was crossing the Channel and also cycling over Pyrenees.

“With the UK now being involved in multiple combat zones across the globe, the focus has been on the need to support those who in turn support those affected by war. To be with these guys and women and to run on their behalf has been incredibly humbling.”

The trio have completed a number of other gruelling challenges to raise money for military charities, including the Challenge 66 Ultra Marathon event.

You can donate by visiting: Andy North – Sunshine Challenge JUST GIVING PAGE

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