Max#43: Abi Griffiths – developing my career in television

Abi Griffiths is one of the rising stars of TV presenting, regularly appearing on Sky, ESPN, The BBC and most recently coming off an incredibly hectic Olympic and Paralympic schedule.

When you meet Abi it’s clear to see why she is in such demand as her enthusiasm and energy flow with an incredible abundance.

What is also very clear is the amount of investment Abi has made within herself over the years to equip her with not just the technical skills, but also the mental skills required to excel within this very competitive profession.

Here is Abi to explain this in more detail…

Key messages from Abi:

  • You’ve left us with so many points to draw from, such as the importance of being present
  • Not being too hard on yourself
  • Making sure you work through your emotions
  • Finding your own technique that will enable you to get into a good state.

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