GOLF: 2011 Masters champion says “Seeing my friend win a major took away the barrier”

2011 Masters champion, Charl Schwartzel, claimed a dramatic victory at Augusta after keeping his nerve to birdie his last four holes on the way to a final-round 66 to win his first major championship.

That was an amazing achievement in itself, however, the part that really interested me is explained below . . . .

The 26-year-old, from South Africa, said he was inspired by fellow countryman Louis Oosthuizen who won last year’s Open Championship at St Andrews by seven strokes.

“To see Louis win the Open was just such a big inspiration,” added Schwartzel. “Just to see him do it made me realise that it is possible and it just took me over the barrier of thinking that a major is too big for someone to win.

“We grew up together from a young age and we still play almost every single practice round together.

“We used to play every single team event, every tournament against each other and we represented South Africa for so long. We always travelled together, so we basically are the best of mates.”

This statement reinforces so much of what we have already detailed, through the array of interviews, on Maximise Potential.

In particular, the interview with Sam Brown (Max #22) springs to mind, where Sam explains that by surrounding himself with the very best, he then believed he was also one of the best – that helped him gain the self-belief that he WOULD be the Taekwondo World Champion.

Furthermore, Pen Hadow (Max #11) spoke this point about a length when he referred to his up bringing and that his Nanny also looked after the family of Scott of the Antarctic, making the achievements of these great explorers appear ‘normal’ (in Pen’s words).

In addition, this adds further confirmation to the arguments raised by Matthew Syed (Max #26) in his interview, regarding the importance (from a mindset perspective) of finding aspects you can relate to in Champions, thereby giving you greater personal belief that you can replicate their success.

I just thought these were interesting observations and worth documenting on the site.

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