Why do we feel the need to be given permission, prior to doing something?

Why do we feel the need to be given permission, prior to doing something? Is this a behaviour left over from childhood, either because of our parents or school systems. It’s there though, without the doubt. The need to obtain permission, validation, prior to pressing ahead with anything.

Yet, when Steve Jobs was asked what market research he’d completed prior to developing the Mac, this was the response he gave: “Did Alexander Graham Bell conduct market research before he invented the telephone?”

His point was simple and it also became his trademark…

Firstly, he was a firm believer that if something feels right – just do it! If you feel passionate about it and have the conviction to see it through to completion, there is a good chance that others will buy into your vision and end-goal – a very good chance.

Secondly, the customer does not always know what they need. Their perceptions, their choices, their perceived spectrum of available options will only be as broad as THEIR imagination and the thought-time they have given the issue or situation. Equally, just because ‘something has always been done this way’ doesn’t mean that it’s actually right. It just means that its validity and appropriateness may not have been questioned.

In summary, the world is crying out for people who are willing to take the lead, people who are willing to be a Steve Jobs and not wait for permission. Being a pioneer is good, being an inventor is good, putting yourself out there is good.

Actually, allow me to get more specific – your boss, your business, your partner, your friends – all of them want you to take the lead, to take ownership. So today, find something that you’d normally seek permission about and just do it… it feels liberating!

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