Transcript: Pen Hadow, dealing with failure (Max#10)

Here is the first transcript of the motivating interview with Record Breaking Polar Explorer, Pen Hadow, as he shares his inspiring story on how he dealt with failure on his challenging Solo trek to the North Pole. He also draws on how to remian positive at tough times, something he had to contend with repeatedly on his difficult journey.

Kevin: Welcome to Maximise Potential, the podcast to educate and motivate through a range of original interviews designed to help you maximize your potential.

Hello and welcome back to episode 10 of our podcast. And as you will remember I made an announcement a couple of episodes ago that we were going to be featuring record breaking polar explorer Pen Hadow, and I am very pleased to announce that I have got the first snippet of the interviews that we have done with Pen available on the podcast today.

Now it is a little bit different, as you know normally we will interview someone and tell a full story, which is exactly what we have got coming up with Pen. But he touched on a subject that was so pertinent to everything that we stand for within the podcast and also so relevant to a lot of the issues people face not just in business but in their career and in their life in general, that we just took an extract and put it together for you on this podcast. And the subject matter is how Pen Hadow has learnt to train himself to deal with failure. Because this man, more than most has had to learn how to deal with failure, because his road to becoming a record breaking polar explorer that he is now known for, has not been a simple path and he has dealt with failure time and time again. Anyway, I could go on and on about it, but I just want you to listen to it and hopefully you will get as much out of it as I actually did. So please enjoy.

Pen: I am really interested in this concept of failure the difference between a set back, a temporary one and what you might call absolute failure. No one, including me, likes to fail. It involves all sorts of things that are not nice, you don’t feel good about yourself, you think your friends, family and peers take a dim view of you as you have failed, its just a very negative experience, isn’t it? Yes, that is part of the story, but the other part is, if you can just realize that it’s not a failure it’s an opportunity in a very real, full and complete way, it is an opportunity.

A window on how to solve the problem that is blocking you from getting to where you want to be. How brilliant is that? It is showing you the way. If you just sit, down calmly with a few friends or experts or just on the back of an envelope in the pub and think ‘what actually went wrong there?’ Break it down; it might be one thing or ten things, might be some big things, some small things, one small thing, or one big thing. Identify them all and once you have done that you have sort of cracked the problem or you’re halfway to cracking it, as all you have to do now is to address, is it because I need to get fitter? Is it because I need to have a different shape to the front of the sledge? In my case in a business sense its because I need to get more familiar with how to operate the laptop when I’m doing a PowerPoint presentation at a sales meeting, as all I know is how to push three buttons and if that doesn’t work it gets embarrassing as I get in a tangle.

Work it out, what went wrong? It’s fantastic, it’s revelatory. It’s what you need and most people don’t see it as a failure and think “I’m not even going to take that on as I may fail“, and that’s a bad experience, I have had those experiences before and it’s not pleasant’. Who wants an unpleasant experience? I don’t. If you can see it as an opportunity that may come and may present itself, have a go and when you hit the boundary and you will absolutely, everyone has failures big and small even the most ‘successful’ people in their different fields have failure, but it how they deal with it and they don’t see it as failures, they see it as set backs. Or you could be even more extreme, and I think it’s entirely arguable that they are not even set backs they are opportunities.

They are actually throwing open the windows and the light comes pouring in as to how you can solve it and break down the barrier and move through it. The great thing is if you are brave enough or really just intelligent enough to see it for what it is, then you will A) Go very comfortable up into those situations and then move through them and that is when you start leaving people behind. Because most people won’t, they think it’s a failure, they don’t like the feeling; they don’t see it for what it is, when it happens, they stop. It’s like going down a passageway where there are loads and loads of doors and just about pushing open the doors and pushing open the doors and just keep going. That is one of the great tricks of life, it seems to me if you are someone who wants to fore fill your potential, maximize your potential.

Kevin: So there you go, that’s our first little treat for the forth-coming interviews with Pen Hadow, and I am sure you will agree with me in saying that was a very refreshing and positive approach to dealing with failure, or as Pen would call it, a temporary set back.

To give you an idea what we have coming up with Pen, we have three interviews in total.

The first one is going to deal with Pen Hadow as he grew up and what steered him into a career of exploring and adventuring.

The second interview is actually going to focus on the successful solo attempt that Pen did when he did manage to became the first person to ever reach the Poles, solo, unsupported and without resupply.

And the final one of the three is going to focus on what he learnt from the whole experience, how it changed him, how it changed his mental approach to life and how he views everything now he has come back to normality as it were.

I hope that was a great introduction to what we are going to be sharing with you over the coming weeks, as we always like to leave you with a music track from our good friends Xerxes. This one is going to be from his volume two album and its called Diamond shrine.

Thank you for viewing the transcript of this motivating interview with Famous Explorer, Pen Hadow. We hope that his inspiring story of his Solo travels has inspired you, helping you deal with failure and to develop a positive mindset when faced with difficult situations in life, allowing you to be successful and Maximise your potential.

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