Tom Daley – prepared to sacrifice in the short term in order to gain in the long term

Tom Daley is one of Team GB’s greatest medal prospects for London 2012.

I just read a very interesting article on him, probably paying more attention to it than I would have done before meeting Chris Brisley (@TakeaChallenge), who was one of the diving coaches in Plymouth, with Andy Banks, when Tom was a young lad learning the trade.

He made an extremely interesting and mature comment when asked about why his performances in the World Championships had (apparently) gone backwards – Tom won Gold in 2009, yet only finished 5th in 2011.

This was his response:

“I raised my degree of difficulty by a lot and it was one of those things where I just had to use them at a World Championships to get the experience before the Olympic Games,” Daley said.

So let’s get this right, this is a 17 year old who was willing to give up a World Championship Gold medal, not to mention face all the questions from the media and his peers, in order to ‘prepare himself’ for the Olympic Games.

I’ll say it again – he gave up winning a World Championship Gold Medal.

What amazing discipline and focus he has showed and I wish him all the very best for London 2012.

P.S. A certain Pete Sampras did exactly the same according to Andre Agassi’s book. Sampras was apparently willing to go right back to basics, when all around him (Agassi, Courier, Martin, Chang etc.) were all taking the tennis world by storm. He accepted loss after loss while he re-built himself and his game. We all know what happened after that . . .

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