How do we record and produce the Maximise Potential Podcast

I’ve been asked more and more recently how we record and produce the Maximise Potential Podcast, blending the need to conduct on-location interviews with mixing and editing from an office.

Firstly, I need to ensure that individuals such as Jason van Orden (who introduced me to podcasting), David Flugge (who helped me to understand audio mixing) and Giles Christopher (who taught me all about microphones) all receive a special mention of thanks for all their help and support. Without their guidance we would not be where we are today.

Well, here is the snapshot:

Before you even consider podcasting, please can I recommend . . .

  • Firstly, go onto i-Tunes and subscribe to a bunch of podcasts. Over the last 3 years I have followed in excess of 50 different podcasts to give me a real understanding of what I like, what I feel passionate about and also what makes a good podcast.
  • By subscribing and learning about podcasting, from an audience perspective, you’ll begin to understand what is required (in terms of commitment), in order to produce your own podcast.

Then, learn from the experts . . .

  • I’d have to say that the best all-round resource for learning about Podcasting and Internet Marketing, especially if you are a beginner, is ‘Smart Passive Incomefrom Pat Flynn.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter and go and listen to all the podcasts, making sure you start from episode 1.
  • Also, if you are on Linked IN, then do a Group search for ‘WordPress‘ and ‘Podcasting‘ where you will find an abundance of advice.

What platform do I use to produce my Podcast . . .

  • The Maximise Potential website is on a WORDPRESS platform and CMS.
  • The Plugin that I use to ensure people can view the podcast on the Maximise Potential website is PowerPress.

Having your Podcast featured on i-Tunes . . .

  • i-Tunes recommend that you create about 6 episodes before contacting them.
  • If you look in the podcast directory, there is a link you can click on to ‘submit a podcast.’
  • There are several other directories to consider, however i-Tunes is the main one.

Recording the interviews . . .

  • I have a digital voice recorder, with a microphone input; I use an Olympus LS-5.
  • I then attach a couple of shotgun microphones (with a lead that links them together and feeds them into the microphone socket); I use Audio-Technica ATR6550 and an IXOS 2 to 1 cable.
  • I record my raw interviews in a WAV format (uncompressed).

Then to edit the interviews back in the office . . .

  • I run them through a free piece of software called ‘The Levelator’ which is amazing at equalising your sound levels (especially in interviews where one person’s voice may be stronger than the other).
  • After that I run the files through SoundSoap2 to take away all the background noise. This gives the audio file a much cleaner sound. This is a paid piece of software (about $100).
  • Then I edit the interview using Audacity. The link I’ve included here takes you to an amazing site which gives you a step by step guide to download, install and then use the software.
  • Make sure you also install ‘Lame‘ to enable you to export your interviews as MP3’s.
  • Then you can save out the files as MP3’s.

Adding music . . .

  • If you want to add some musice to your show, then my recommendation is to go to a site like where you can purchase from a wide variety of high quality tracks.


The rest of the process is down to trial and error and experimentation. Listen to other podcasts and gain ideas – that is how I learnt.

Just play with it, as you’ll be amazed what you can do and how professional you can make your finished product.

About the Author

Hi, I'm Tom Burkinshaw, I co-produce the Maximise Your Potential Podcast and Website and my goal is to help as many people as possible be successful in life, careers and business, by offering free coaching and mentoring through a series of unique interviews from inspiring people who all display exceptional self-belief, mental toughness and desire to achieve. Thank you for taking the time to visit Maximise Your Potential!