Max#4: Steve Davies, Management Consultant Interview (part 1 of 2)

Today’s interview is with global managment consultant, Steve Davies, who is one of the most energic and creative strategic management consultants of recent times and has been instrumental in the development of global brands such as X-Box, Sony Ericsson phones, O2 and was also part of the initial team who invented Bluetooth Technology.

Our aim of today is to gain an insight into how Steve has maximised his own career and how he has reached such senior positions within the corporate world, plus to also understand what characteristics Steve looks for in those wishing to take their career to the next level.

Steve also touches upon NLP and how this has influenced his career as well as talking about some of the projects he has been involved within, in particular, his role within shaping the direction of the mobile telecommunications marketplace.

We appreciate that this interview is longer than our usual ones, but Steve had so much excellent information to offer that it all merrited inclusion.

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