Max#24: Introduction to NLP by Fiona Campbell

In response to the amount of interest that our interviews have generated within the subject of NLP, we decided to interview one of the most prominent trainer’s and coaches within this field.

Fiona Campbell is one of the UK’s most distinguished NLP Trainers, who specialises in NLP for Business Success.

She is has over 20 years of NLP and Business Coaching experience, having been personally trained by the Founder of NLP, Richard Bandler, who she continues to work with today.

When I was preparing for the interview I amazed by the abundance of glowing testimonials that Fiona has received from so many of the people she has trained. Here are just some of the quotes . . .

“Fiona really helped me to become more positive in my workplace and become a better leader.”

“She has helped me particularly in improving my communication and influencing skills in sales situations and making me more successful.”

“As Fiona works regularly with Richard Bandler, she has firsthand knowledge of new ideas and developments that make her the most current NLP trainer in the country.”

So, in between a hectic schedule of courses, we managed to sit down with Fiona to record this interview, where she very eloquently explains the fundamentals of NLP and then gives us all NLP techniques which we can immediately apply on the phone, in person and through email to improve the effectiveness of our communication within business.

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