Max#30: Nick English – Bremont Watches

The Maximise Potential Podcast, brought to you in association with the Award-winning Recruitment Group Jenrick, is pleased to release its latest interview with Nick English, co-Founder of Bremont Watches.

Bremont Watches is rapidly becoming one of the premier luxury brands within the mechanical watch market, a fact that has been further confirmed when they recently won “Watch Brand of the Year at the 2011 UK Jewellery Awards.”

What makes their story especially interesting is that they are making sustantial in-roads into a market dominated by two key factors; the Swiss and History – neither of which apply to Bremont.

Today’s interview discusses exactly why Bremont is succeeding despite such barriers, whilst also focusing on the inspirational and very personal story behind how the company came into existence.

So, please enjoy this interview with Nick English, one of the joint founders of the 2008 emerging luxury brand of the year, Bremont Watches . . .

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