Max#34: The New Rules of Selling – Gavin Ingham

Welcome back to episode 34 of the Maximise Potential Podcast.

No matter if you are responsible for a business or focusing on developing your career, the current environment is arguably the most competitive, uncertain and challenging that anyone has ever known.

As a result we felt it was essential to invite an expert onto the podcast who can enable us to understand how we can operate and succeed within such restrictive parameters.

Gavin Ingham is widely regarded as one the UK’s leading sales trainers, adding value to individuals and companies from all industries and sectors.

In today’s interview on Maximise Potential Gavin discusses a topic, which is critical, if we are to survive in today’s envrionment – sales.

This interview will be incredibly helpful for everyone to understand what sales really is, and how you apply simple techniques to add subtantial value, to your products, your services or even to you as an inidividual.

Here is Gavin to help us all understand and embrace the new rules of selling.

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