Max#12: Pen Hadow – “how I walked 440 miles to the North Pole and claimed my place in history”

In this interview with record-breaking polar explorer Pen Hadow we discuss:

  • Pen’s successful trek to the North Pole, solo and without re-supply, where he made history by becoming the first (and only) person to do so.
  • How he had to dig deeper into his mental and physical resources than he had ever done so before
  • How it felt to finally achieve the goal that had consumed him for most of his adult life.

As with our previous interviews, Pen speaks with an openness and honesty that really enables you to visualise the sheer extremities of the challenge that he successfully undertook.

This interview is for you if you really want to maximise your own potential as it will give you a firsthand account of how someone has come up against some of the greatest physical and mental challenges to man and pushed on through them, when everyone else had failed. He kept on going past the point where every other person had decided to give up – and as a result, claimed his place in the history books.


About the Author

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