Max#10: Pen Hadow, Polar Explorer – ‘how I deal with failure’

Pen Hadow became the first man in the world to walk unsupported and without re-supply to the North Pole in 2003 – a feat which many have tried to emulate and all have failed. To this day, it is his name alone that is in the record books for completing this incredible journey, which has been compared to ‘climbing Everest without oxygen.’

We are fortunate to have recorded a series of interviews with Pen, the first of which is attached to this article / blog post.

It focuses on how Pen has trained himself to deal with ‘Failure.’ The reason he spoke about this subject in such detail is that he personally has had to deal with so much failure (or temporary set-backs as he refers to them) in his own life (through the numerous unsuccessful attempts he made to the North Pole, as well as set-backs with sponsorship, equipments and so on). As a result he needed to learn to how equip himself to deal with failure in a positive manner – in a way that would not affect him from moving on towards his goals.

Pen also has witnessed over the years, in his personal life, exploration and in business, how most individuals are unprepared for the onset of failure and how they so often are unable to move beyond it and as a result do not reach their goals.


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