Max#44: Kevin Betts – 52 marathon man

Most people in the UK will remember 2012 for the impact that the London Olympics made upon the nation. However, in the eyes of many it was the nationwide journey of the Olympic Torch prior to the start of the Games that stimulated the incredible interest in the Olympics themselves.

Each torchbearer had their own inspirational story and one such individual was 28 year old resident of Worthing, Kevin Betts who was nominated by his community for his incredible fund raising efforts for charity and also the dedication he has shown in helping others less fortunate than himself.

Here is Kevin to share his very personal and moving story with us.



Key messages from Kevin:

  • You are the Architect of your own future – no one else!
  • Central Governor Theory – your body is capable of going much further than you realise
  • I’m an ordinary bloke – anyone can achieve what I achieve
  • If you’re not failing on a regular basis, then your not setting yourself goals that are challenging enough
  • If you find happiness in yourself, you’ll find that others become happier around you

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