Kay White – speaking at Maximise Potential ‘LIVE’ 2012

Kay White, who has one of most highly downloaded episodes on the Maximise Potential Podcast (ep. #14), was one of our leading speakers at the Maximise Potential ‘LIVE’ 2012 event, that we held in London in September of last year.

Kay has put together a wonderful 15minute video on You Tube that captures the presentation she gave that evening.

For those of you who are keen to develop your communication, to make it (and you) more engaging, persuasive, influential, I’d thoroughly recommend taking a few moments to watch this video.

Thanks again Kay!

How do I learn more about Kay?

To have the opportunity to discuss any blind spots you know you have or things that are slowing you down or holding you back as you connect, persuade and compel people at work; click here to apply for a complimentary conversation with Kay.

Article reproduced with permission of Kay White, Communication Specialist and Mentor at www.wayforwardsolutions.com. Kay shows professionals how to be understood. Get quicker, faster and better results by becoming a more effective, influential and savvy communicator – everywhere in your life.

Kay’s first book, The A to Z of Being Understood is a Number 1 Amazon Bestseller for Customer Service.

In addition, you can listen to an exclusive interview with Kay where she shares several exclusive tips on how to immediately make your communication more powerful and persuasive: http://www.maximisepotential.co.uk/how-to-develop-effective-powerful-communication/

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