Max#41: Jora Gill (CTO) – making the right decisions in business

On episode 27 of the Maximise Potential Podcast we interviewed Jora Gill, a globally renowned CTO, who provided us with an incredible insight into the approach he has taken to maximise his career and today, we are very pleased to join Jora once again.

In today’s interview, we gain an exclusive insight into how Jora keep his thinking fresh, gains new ideas and perspectives which ultimately enable him to make extremely effective decisions.

We explore the pressures that are put upon Senior Managers and discuss how decision making approaches need to differ throughout the short, medium and long term and how each of these play an integral role in enabling you to develop a highly-motivated team, and by doing so reach your long-term organisational goal.

I feel fortunate that within this interview, we’ve captured a CTO willing to open up about the issues that he is facing on a daily basis, explaining how he overcomes these and advances his organisation at the same time.

Key messages from Jora:

  • Get passionate about your goals and objectives at work
  • When others see your passion they will become more motivated to help you achieve your goals
  • When making decisions, don’t be scared to invite others in to help you see different perspectives
  • Creating a set of long term objectives is essential if you wish to be consistent within your decision making
  • If your team only connect with you at a logical level, ask yourself what it would take to get that connection to be at an emotional level

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