Max#49: Janine Roebuck – Opera Singer

Welcome back to episode 49 of the Maximise Potential Podcast.

In today’s episode we are extremely fortunate to be sitting with one of Britain’s most respected and popular Opera Singers, Janine Roebuck.

With a versatile mezzo-soprano voice, Janine has played leading roles in some of the world’s most famous opera houses enchanting audiences with her emotional performances, yet throughout the years Janine, like so many other people who appear on this Podcast, has faced a multitude of challenges as she has strived to follow her passion and maximise her potential.

Here is Janine to share her story with us all on the Maximise Potential Podcast …

Key messages from Janine:

We have interviewed so many people now on the Podcast who have all overcome challenges of their own in order to enable them to realise their goals and in many cases, their dreams.

Janine’s story epitomises this in a truly awe inspiring manner.

Personally I’m stilling coming to terms with the magnitude of what Janine has overcome to realise her dreams, and how her career is now enabling her to make positive changes to how those with hearing or other disabilities view their own limitations.

Janine has given us all so much to consider within our own lives, especially her observation that accepts that life is a challenge, and that we all have a choice to either embrace this fact and push through it, or just bow to it and live a ‘safe’ life.

Janine also re-iterated the importance of sharing your life with others and reaching out to others. Putting back into the world as a way of giving thanks for what the world has given you.

Finally, that incredibly powerful statement Janine made regarding “what to some people is a stumbling block, can equally be a stepping stone – it’s just purely down to your frame of mind.”

Janine, from all of us at the Maximise Potential Podcast, thank you very much for joining us and sharing your story with our audience.

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