Max#42: Fiona Campbell – How we achieve successful results

On episode 24 of the Maximise Potential Podcast we interviewed Fiona Campbell, a globally renowned Leadership Development Trainer and Author, who introduced us all to the fundamentals of Nurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and today, we are very pleased to join Fiona once again.

A short time ago I was participating in a training course run by Fiona who was discussing the subject of successful outcomes and how, when seeking to improve our outcomes, the majority of people focus their efforts in the wrong place.

Up until this point, I like most others had always assumed that in order to change the outcome of any situation you must focus on changing the actions that you put into it.

However, Fiona explained that changing your actions alone will not nessessarily lead to improved results, explaining how you must begin the process of change by initially focusing internally, upon your thoughts and feelings.

Here is Fiona to explain more…

Key messages from Fiona:

  • T (thoughts) F (feelings) A (actions) = R (results)
  • The ‘little voice’ inside your head can be re-directed to ask positive, resourceful questions
  • If you or someone in your team is not achieving their goals, don’t just try and fix it – ask them questions, find out what they are thinking and help them to find their own solutions

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