Max#36: How I rowed the Atlantic – Richard Hume

As well as being a triple ironman finisher, Richard Hume is also one a very select group of people to have completed the Atlantic Ocean Rowing Race.

This gruelling 3,000 mile event, which can take over 80 days to complete, challenges competitors in ways not comparible to most other endurance events.

Dealing with the isolation, the monotony, the sickness, in addition to the extreme elements of the Altantic Ocean, can all prove too much for so many people who attempt this incredible event.

Yet, as Richard will describe in his interview, competing in a race of this magnitude is only one of the many challenges that an amateur athlete has to overcome.

Key messages from Richard:

  • Time and time again Richard referred to the importance of creating a series of realistic targets, in his training and in the events, that would take him to his end goal.
  • Let’s not also forget how Richard overcame a great personal challenge in the process, in this case his back problem, explaining how, whenever he was told ‘no you can’t’, he channelled those negative messages into positive motivation.

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