Max#17: Tony Dobbyn – “How I motivate a team to achieve amazing results”

Today’s interview is with Tony Dobbyn, The Global Head of Service Operations for one of the largest Financial Corporations in the World.

Tony has gained a worldwide reputation for being one of the most effective managers at maximising the productivity of teams, especially in relation to helping teams adjust after a merger or acquistion.

Tony’s interview highlights an incredible variety of techniques and skills that he has applied within his management career, as well as explaining the approach he has adopted to maximise his own career.

Some of the interview highlights include:

  • How to make yourself ‘available’ to opportunities
  • Research Techniques to use if you wish to understand the issues that exist within your department
  • Communication Methods to gain support from your team and enable them to embrace change
  • How to reduce the negative feelings associated with change
  • How to create a team which is empowered, motivated and proud of what they do

As we have already said, Tony is widely respected as being one of the most effective change agents within this industry, having effectively transformed teams in countries such as the UK, France, Japan and the USA.

Any manager repsonsible for a team (no matter what size the team is) will gain some superb advice from this interview on team dynamics and team motivation and empowerment.

In addition, if you listen to our podcast for career development and enhancement, then you will benefit from the experiences Tony shares regarding how he has approached his own career in order to maximise it and gain the job roles he has strived for.

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