Max#45: Dave Sissens – raising the bar and reaching the North Pole

We have a fascinating interview in store today that covers so many of the topics that we have developed this podcast around.

Goal setting, going after the impossible, where to find your inner strength and motivation, the power of true teamwork and how your mind will give you all the answers you need if you just ask it the right questions, are just some of the subjects that our guest discusses.

Today our interview is with Dave Sissens, whose mantra is to ‘constantly raise the bar’ and by doing so how he seeks to take himself out of his familiar surroundings, in order to present an array of fresh challenges that enable him to keep growing, developing and learning.

I hope you enjoy the wealth of information Dave shares as he describes how he strives to maximise his own potential.

Key messages from Dave:

‘I need to finish this to come back alive’ is a line that I can’t shake from my mind. It’s left me wondering how many of us have ever taken on a challenge that has put us in that situation and equally how we’d react if we were.

Dave, thanks for sharing so much of your story and giving us a wonderful understanding of how you motivate yourself and constantly drive yourself on.

When I was writing my shownotes for this episode, I found myself taking note of so much that Dave spoke of that we can all apply within our own situations.

Here are a few highlights:

I really liked how Dave actually looked to take on impossible projects, citing that these are the ones that provide him with his strength, energy and motivation. And how, he’s quick to seek out another impossible goal as soon as he’s achieved the former.

Also, Dave’s explanation of his belief that your brain will get you to where you want to go, you just need to tell it what you want, was a very powerful technique that several others have highlighted within their interviews.

Importantly, Dave’s reference to how the trip completely altered his perspective on the power of teamwork and how, through creating an environment which is based on trust and empowerment, you can produce results at a level you never thought imaginable.

There were so many others that I could add to this list, but I’ll steer you all to the webpage for this episode for additional notes and information including links to the book ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ as well as the TV programme that Dave spoke about called North Pole Ice Airport, which is currently on Channel 5.

I’d like to send out a big thank you to Dave Sissens for joining us on the podcast and providing us with so much to think about and consider within our lives.

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