Max#38: Chris Brisley – Take a Challenge

Have you ever taken the time to imagine how you would react if your career prematurely ended, or your house and all your life savings were lost, or if your health was taken away.

Having the strength of character to re-build your life from any one of those extreme examples is a virtue that none of us ever knows if we possess, until that moment arises.

However, now imagine if all of those happened to you in a period of your life that spanned less than a decade.

In today’s interview we meet Chris Brisley, who is someone that lived through this exact experience.

In this very honest interview Chris re-counts how he responded to those challenges, sharing what he learnt about his own character and explaining the lessons he now applies in his life to help him through challenges when faced with them now . . . .

Key messages from Chris:

  • I think Chris has left us in no uncertain terms that in his opinion ‘time’ is the most important commodity that we all possess, and it is the use of time that plays the key role in our ability to and the speed at which we achieve our goals
  • The importance of taking ‘consistent small steps’ in order to enable you to reach much larger goals
  • The ability to choose between the options you want and the options you don’t want

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